3/5/7Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line
Name:  3/5/7Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line 
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Computer-controlled High-speed Wide Breadth  Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Main Component Equipments Of  The Production Line

*The 3ply, 5ply, 7ply, and multi-function corrugated cardboard production line mainly consist of the following
 equipments: Mill Roll Stand, Pre-conditioner, Pre-heatr, Auto-splicer, Single Facer, Conveyinh span Bridge,
 Multi-ply Pre-heater, Glue Application Machine, Double Facer, Slitter Scorer, Cut-off, Conveyer and Stacker,
 Glue Making System, and Electric Control System etc.

*Paper output speed varies from 100m/min-300m/min

*Valid Breadth: 1400mm-2500mm

*Total length between 65m to 110m


Brief Introduction Of The Working Proceure

Feed the paper roll into the Mill Roll Stand. In the Pre-heater, the paper roll is heated and its moistuure and
tension force are adjusted. The paper roll is pressed to a corrugated shape and fed with glue in the single
facer, and then it is agglutinated with another paper roll to form a piece of single face corrugated cardboard.
The conveying span bridge tidies and transports the single face cardboard to the muli-ply pre-heater for the
second pre-heat. The glue application machine puts glue on the sharp top of the single face corrugated car

-dboard before it is heating agglutinated with another paper roll in the double facer. After cooling formed in
the double facer.A piece of corrugated cardboard is made.According to the requipment of the order.The cor
-rugated cardboard is cut precisely in the slitter scorer and the cut-off. A piece of rectangle corrugated
cardboard is finished. After quantity counts and being piled up in the stacker, the finish cardboard can be
conveyed out. An entire working procedure of the production line is completed.


Advanced Controled System Of Corrugated Paperboard Production Line

Control system regards SIEMENS series of S7300 PLC as main station, Constitutes unify control net including
controling and gathering signal,dispalying data by PROFIBUS spreading to distrubiton of double facer
single facer and man-machine interface(touch screen)


Computer-controlled Production Line Management System

Consisting of industry computers and network,this system is an automatic management and production system
with characters of decentralization-control and multi-persons control.

1.    Flexible order management:order can be entered into the production management system directly,or the
       information can be got by communicating with Manegement Information System(MIS)

2.    Synchronization control of the entire production line:both analogy control and button nodes control are 
       available for the convenience of linking with other machines,which realize synchronization control of the 
       entire production line.

3.    High precision of splicing:with the coordination of Auto-Splicer,the precision of splicing can be controlled 
       within  ±1 meter .

4.    High automation level: by linking with Splicer,Slitter Scorer,Cut-Off,and Rotary Shear etc.,automation
       production is realized,and orders can be changed without stopping machine.

5.    Strong reliability of the system:Static state electron device and industry class module group control panel 
       are used in the production line;so error actions and malfunction are decreased and the time of maintenance 
       and replacement is shorten.

6.    Strong manage function:important production information can be displayed immediately , such as speed
       of every machine,total and spare paper amount ,total area and length of finished product,total length  of
       discard,average speed of machine,production time,time of stop etc.The finished products report of each
order,production efficiency analyzing reports,and working efficiency analyzing reports of each machine
       can be listed and printed.


Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

1.       In the course of production, support and supply the scroll paper out.

2.       The arms of the roll stand can go up and down,which is controlled by Φ125mmmm hydraulic  pressure
 oil cylinders. And clamp, trans verse movement controlled by Φ
63mm hydraulic pressure oil cylinders.

3.       Might load and