Fully Automatic High Speed Folder Gluer Machine
Name:  Fully Automatic High Speed Folder Gluer Machine 
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Fully Automatic High Speed Folder Gluer Machine

The model 1380/1450/1600/1700/1800/2100/2300PCW is a multi-functional machine, mainly used for medium packaging, 250-800g paperboard 1mm-10mm corrugated packaging two-fold, four-fold bottom lock, four corners and six-corner types this machine also can run laminate to laminate and E/ C/B/A flute double wall flatbed creasing die cut or flexo printing rotary die cut slotting corrugated two fold, four fold crash lock bottom, as well as four corners and six corners. the whole machine is easier to change, perate simply.This machine equipped with spec
ial automatic self-correcting and localizer and creasing device, continuous collecting and ordering device.The machine is adopted with touch screen,PLC operation system,(online long-distance system is optional)and remote controlling system,transmission configuration adopts gear box which is durable,equipped with high power servo motor to complete 4, 6 corners back lock function, achieve stable, high effect, more humanity result.

* Model indication description
PC=Handle standard folding boxes, double sides box and crashlock bottom box with per-folding
PCW=standard folding boxes, double sides box and crashlock bottom box with per-folding and 4\6 corners box


The configurations of the machine
Equipped with ten wind suction belts with a width of 102mm; 10mm metal plate set the width by moving laterally,and embossing power idler pulley guides the paper output belt; setting baffles on both sides, and adjusting them back and forth as per the product style; equipped with two paper output blades which can be adjusted the anisomerous length according to the finished product; equipped with wind suction device and servo motor make it easy and prompt to operate and ensure accurate, automatic & serial feeding. Feeding partcan fold 400MM height paper, pneumatic upper feeding pressure to ensure stable and smooth paper-delivery, operators can control paper-feeding switch at any operational areas.

2)Paper Regulating And Creasing Section:
Equipped with back cone paper side mark positioning system. it will adjust the paperboard when the paperboard oblique, equipped with two sets press-wheels creasing devices.The creasing device is used to crease again when flexo printing die cut creasing result is not good, it make paperboards stay stable during folding, it’s fast and easy to adjust paper size.

3)Bottom Folding:
Three-board type structure, upper belt is main transmission, which ensure stable and smooth paper delivery. all paste tubes can be loaded and discharged; there are two paste tubes on each end with large capacity, they are chosen according to the actual situation; the paste volume in the tubes is adjustable, stable and easy to maintain; the thickness of the provided paste wheel is 5mm -8mm , and they can be customized according to special requirements; the paste tubes adopt sturdy, durable all-copper materials; the bottom folding consists of four bottom gluing equipments.

4)Bottom Gluing Anti-Hook:
Three-board type structure, upper belt is main transmission, which ensure stable and smooth paper delivery Equipped with two highpower servo motor to perform the functions of anti-hook the 4-6 corner boxes. One Imported glue spraying machine (America Valco two photoelectric three guns), cold glue. Hard-driving controller and interface adjustment can control servo motorfast and easy to a-djust the parameter. Photoelectric inspector can be installed on a fixed place, no need to move it, only need to enter parameter into touch interface, back anti-hook speed can be tracked by encoder inspector to ensure ac-curacy speed-testing.

Three-board type structure, upper belt is main transmission, which ensure stable and smooth paper delivery , it consists of 80mm wide bottom belt and 80mm wide cornering belts; make the second folding 180°and the fourth folding180°completelyanastomosedon both sides;The left and the right idler pulleys can be adjusted according to different positions so as to make the folding more smoothly; the low axletree supports and guides the belt to run accurately. The cornering belt is of
independent drive and the speed is adjustable.

The length of the Upper/Lower driving belts are adjustable; adopting an ordering device to correct the error occurred during the folding;Continuous accumulated boxes enter the Conveyor section in order; photoelectric counter and automatic batting device; equipped with air-compress system and trombone rail system; the pressing wheel can be adjusted according to special box type and paper to achieve a perfect pressing and gluing

7) Conveyor:
Adopts imported belts which are independent upper and lower main transmission and have moderate pliability, to avoid damaging products; the whole transmission part can be moved back and forth, press evenly, convey products in order which ensure perfect finished-product quality. Transmission part speed is automatically adjusted according to running speed of main machine as well as phototube. Also manually operate and speed are optional; functional devices are consisted of rubber wheels.


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