Automatic Flute Laminating Machine
Name:  Automatic Flute Laminating Machine 
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Product Info:

General Introductio
XH high-speed Automatic Flute Laminating Machine is a new generation of high precision based
on the merits of similar manufactures home and abroad. Automatic cardboard and flute sending
system is suitable for cardboard to cardboard, cardboard to flute (A,B,C,E,F corrugated board)
lamination.It is really an ideal equipment for all kinds of high-level packaging boxes.

Floor Plan

1.    Automatic cardboard feeder
1)    Suction head movement of linear slippery guide system can ensure stable sheet sending
        and no wearing.
2)    Improved cardboard suction head and 6 suckers to send sheets more smoothly.
3)    Sensitive mechanical and electrical double sheet detector for the automatic detection of multi
        sheet or no sheet.
4)    Safety system uses a cam wheel sheet-in wheel to ensure that operation is efficient and precise.

2.   Automatic flute feeder
1)    Strong suction motor holds the lower sheets of paper which are delivered by moving belt.
2)    Electromagnetic braking system to guarantee smooth and precise high speed sheet sending.
3)    Excellent design features three and five layers of fluted paper in flute A、B、C、E、F and
        can also  handle thicker sheets of paper.
4)    Cardboard and lower layer of paper are controlled by photocells to avoid problems with missing
        cardboard or lower layers of paper.
5)    LED digital countering displayer can automatically and correctly calculate the productivity.

3.   Laminating unit
1)    Inverters handle speed adjustment in the main unit, and centralized PLC control keeps the
        laminating accuracy within  +1.5mm..
2)    A phase registrator continuously compensates for laminating errors during high- speed
        operation to maximize productivity.
3)    An automatic glue supply system ensures that a full measure of glue is always available
        for gluing for optimum control and a minimum of consumption.
4)     Recycling glue supply system enables to make full use of glue.
5)    Suitable for five layers laminating,and cardboard to cardboard.
6)    Sheet-in roller (abrasion proof rubber roller) is suitable for laminating cardboard to cardboard.

4.   Pressure conveyor unit
1)    Use a broad vertical belt to provide firm,even pressure.
2)    Pressure roller has easy back and forth adjustment, heavy poise hammer, easy operation.
3)    Pressure conveyor laminates glued sheets smoothly by using inverter to adjust speed.

5.   Auto control
1)    Ma